SN Reform SN Milestone SN Activities/ Mandatory steps  URL / WEB Links
1 eGovernance 1 Personnel Staff Management 1 Online Notification of Recruitment Rules for all municipal cadres
2 Online Up-to-date Service records/staff Details and seniority lists of last two years ; 2015-16 and 2016-17
3 Online Bio-metric attendance system ANNEXURE 11
4 Online payment of salaries & wages ANNEXURE 12
5 Online Employees Grievance redressal system
6 Sou-motu disclosure under RTI Act on website sou_motu_disclosure
2 Project Management  1 Online Project Management Information System:
  a)      Financial progress
  b)      Physical progress
 2 E-tendering for projects:  
  a) Online issue of Notice Inviting Tender (NIT) and providing tender documents online
  b) Online Submission of tender including
online payment of EMD
3 Online payments to consultant/ contractor/ vendors ANNEXURE 13
4 Geo-tagging of assets created moud_geo_tagging_by_mAMRUT_app
2 Municipal Cadre 1 Policy for right-sizing the no  of Municipal functionaries prepared by States STATE INITIATIVE
3 Double Entry Accounting System (DEAS) (ULB Level) 1 Implementation of Accural Based Double Entry Accounting System ANNEXURE 3
2 Publication of Audited of Balance Sheet/Annual Financial Statements on ULB website (Year 2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18) Balance sheet and Income Expenditure list
4 Urban Planning 1 Establish Urban Development Authorities 1 Urban Development Authority already exists STATE INITIATIVE
 2 In case the process for establishing of Urban Development Authority has just commenced
3 Drafting and formulation of Act
4 Formulation of Act and State Govt approval and notification
2 Develop at least one children park every year in AMRUT cities (year 2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18) (ULB Level) ANNEXURE 4
5 Swachh Bharat Mission 1 Elimination of open defecation  1 State Sanitation Policy Notified / City Sanitation Plans prepared? CSPF (pdf)
2 Percentage of certified ODF ULBs ANNEXURE 14
2 Waste Collection (Door to Door Collection) (ULB Level) ANNEXURE 15
3 Transportation of Waste (ULB Level) ANNEXURE 16
4 Scientific Disposals (Composting, RDF, Waste to Energy etc.) (ULB Level) ANNEXURE 17